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Sinfonia di Sapori

Olio Coppini and Spalletta di San Secondo Parmense (Cooked Shoulder Ham of San Secondo) join forces to celebrate culinary taste and tradition: art and history side by side. After major restoration and conservation work of the Former Abattoir of San Secondo (Parma), the building, now called Sinfonia di Sapori, pays homage to Spalletta di San Secondo, an excellent product of our land, and to the composer Giuseppe Verdi, whom we wish to remember also because of his strong connection with this ancient town. The architectural complex will be open to the public for tastings and cultural events linked to the excellent wine and food products of the Parma lowlands. It already houses a permanent exhibition organized by Alberto Nodolini: the Coppini family private collection of photographs of Villa Verdi by Lucio Rossi, who conveys through them the composer’s refined taste and enjoyment of food.