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Coppini Arte Olearia

Coppini Arte Olearia – L’Albero D’Argento Aziende Agricole is a leading national and international company in the production and distribution of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Certain and Certified Quality, for Haute Cuisine, delicatessen shops and true gourmets. The company manages logistics and its sales network from the province of Parma, using the infrastructure and the know-how acquired in over 65 years of business experience – quite a milestone in this sector! In the areas dedicated to production, Abruzzo, Puglia and Sicily, it has Facilities, Traceability, Harvest and Pressing as well as the “Association of Italian Olive Growers”, which supplies olives according to the specifications and advice of the expert agronomists of Coppini Arte Olearia.

  • We believe that the concept of resource sustainability today is the main factor when assessing operations that have the greatest impact on the community, such as the construction of new buildings.
  • We designed our new plant – which faces the A1 motorway, on the South lane, next to Ente Fiere di Parma – guided by just such a principle. It is a “green factory”, functioning with renewable energy, through which our company is committed to participating in the 20-20-20 European Union project, which aims for a 20% increase of renewable energy sources by 2010 and a 20% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels.
  • In 2013 we celebrated an important milestone: the first 25 years of the t.o.p. project (traceability of origin of the product), a kind of “fingerprint” that contains and expresses the soul, the philosophy and the history of our company, bears witness to the certain and certified origin of our product, and guarantees the high quality of our extra virgin olive oils.

At each olive oil season we can offer our t.o.p. (Traceability of Origin of the Product) Extra Virgin Olive Oils thanks to:

  • the Pilota Olive Oil Mill which, through constant research, enables us to improve our pressing quality and technique year after year.
  • Facilities, traceability, harvest and pressing in Abruzzo, Puglia and Sicily; here are located the olive groves, the olive oil mills and the Association of Italian Olive Producers, which supplies us with olives following the specifications and advice of our expert agronomists.
  • The Identity Card which we have been printing on each label since 1992 (greatly anticipating future legal requirements) – the first to do so and still the only ones – to show all the characteristics of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil: vine variety, year of harvest, organoleptic classification certified by an accredited panel, aroma and flavour.
  • Cold extraction, documented since 2005 with a probe system along the whole pressing process that measures the temperature and conveys it to a PC for monitoring and data logging.
  • The CSQA Certification of Supply Chain Traceability, a kind of MAP of the product that makes it possible to trace its history: from the origin and habitat of the olives to the Extra Virgin Oil offered to Connoisseurs of Taste and Certain Quality.
  • The Museo d’Arte Olearia and Agorà tra gli Ulivi (Museum of the Art of Olive Oil Making and Agorà among the Olive Trees) to introduce people in an immersive and exciting way to the world of the art of olive oil making.
  • Numerous national and international prizes and awards.
  • Our partnership with ALMA, the International School of Italian Cuisine.
  • Over 67 years of experience developed “in the field.”