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Pilota Olive Oil Mill

olio extravergine di oliva

Our Pilota Olive Oil Mill, a true research and experimentation lab, is located in the countryside of Castelvetrano (Trapani). The activities carried out in the Pilota Mill, with the use of a state-of-the-art decanter, will give us the opportunity to achieve important objectives as regards both the constant improvement of the quality of our extra virgin olive oil and the environment. The new decanter, developed by Pieralisi, has the advantages of processing without the addition of water and of using a centrifuge that adapts to both continuous and batch processing, with a water saving of more than 90% compared to the traditional three-phase system. The reduced water and energy consumption encapsulates the advances of the two-phase system, which combines in one machine the advantages of working without the addition of water (two phases) with the operational simplicity of the three-phase system. All this, in addition to the considerable environmental benefits, makes it possible to produce high-quality oil, as this processing method results in a higher content of polyphenols in the oil, since they are no longer dispersed in the water. To these significant advantages, the new decanter adds an important innovation: in a single stage it manages to separate the oil, with part of the pulp without pits and containing less vegetation oil, and part of the pulp (pomace) with the pits and much drier. The paste that is obtained, already without pits and rich in organic components, is no longer waste to be disposed of, but an added value for the oil mill: an interesting product with significant potential for use in different sectors, from the pharmaceutical industry to agriculture. All this makes us realize how precious research and its applications is in all sectors; the Pilota Olive Oil Mill wants to be a place where research and olive oil production combine to improve the quality of products while protecting the environment around us.