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Extravergine t.o.p.

t.o.p. – Traceability of Origin of the Product is a project that encompasses and represents the very soul of Coppini Arte Olearia. The core of the project was conceived in the early 1980s and it is now a kind of “fingerprint” that contains and expresses the soul, the philosophy and the history of our company, from its very first beginnings to now. The experience gained over the years has, therefore, has enabled us to adopt this complex system in order to show the origin of the raw material and reconstruct the history of a bottle of extra virgin olive oil from the field to the table, provide a guarantee of the organoleptic characteristics and the (cold) extraction of the product and communicate all this with complete transparency to the end consumer.

We can speak of t.o.p. extra virgin olive oils thanks to:

  • the Identity Card which we have been voluntarily printing on each label since 1992 – the first to do so and still the only ones – in order to show all the characteristics of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil: vine variety, year of harvest, organoleptic assessment, aroma and flavour. The information that, for lack of space, is not included in the identity card is detailed in a sheet that accompanies each delivery note.
  • Taste Legend to enable consumers to identify easily and quickly their favourite fruitiness: light, medium-balanced or intense (assessment certified by an accredited panel according to the new European standards).
  • CSQA Certification of Supply Chain Traceability, a kind of map of the product that makes it possible to trace its history;
  • the Pilota Olive Oil Mill in Castelvetrano, a real research lab capable of delivering significant environmental benefits and to produce an extra virgin olive oil with a higher content of biophenols;
  • the Association of Italian Olive Growers;
  • the new Green Factory, eco-friendly and operating with energy produced from renewable sources;
  • the Museo d’Arte Olearia and Agorà tra gli Ulivi (Museum of the Art of Olive Oil Making and Agorà among the Olive Trees)
  • numerous national and international prizes and awards.