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Green factory

By nature and tradition, Coppini Arte Olearia could not be anything but strongly committed to the protection of the environment. The concept of sustainability of resources starts from the assumption that they are finite and not indeterminate. This awareness today must be the main factor when assessing operations that have the greatest impact on the community, such as the construction of new buildings. We designed our new plant – which faces the A1 motorway, on the South lane, next to Ente Fiere di Parma – guided by just such a principle. It is a Green Factory, operating with renewable energy, through which our company is committed to participating in the 20-20-20 European Union project, which aims for a 20% increase of renewable energy sources by 2010 and a 20% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels. In designing this new plant, we paid particular attention to the energy resources used for production processes and to their impact in terms of pollution. In our new plant, which will be powered with energy obtained from a photovoltaic and geothermal system, we are committed to 50-50-2015: achieving by 2015 a 50% reduction of emissions and the use of renewable energy for 50% of our production requirements. To reach this goal we chose to use materials with a sustainable vital cycle and performance efficiency: prefabricated sandwich panels and overlapping of two different insulating materials with different masses. The materials we used ensure an ideal relationship between safety, efficiency, durability and reduction of energy costs. Our commitment does not stop at 2015, as we have set ourselves an even more ambitious goal: reaching 100-100-2020, that is, achieving self-sufficiency through the exclusive use of clean energy by 2020…however, we are confident we can achieve this objective much sooner than that!