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The Olive Growers

The Italian Olive Growers, partners of Coppini Arte Olearia, are an Association of producers in Abruzzo, Puglia and Sicily (our Facilities, Traceability, Harvest and Pressing areas) who collaborate with the company, following meticulously its specifications and the recommendations of the agronomists, who work alongside them and help them in all their agronomic practices. Working with the Association of Italian Olive Growers, who supply us with olives at each olive oil season, we can guarantee a very high quality standard of olive oil every year, as we are able to choose excellent raw material and avoid, through this procedure, any flaws due to natural disasters, parasites or pests (above all the dreaded oil fly). Being able to choose the best olives allows us to obtain an excellent extra virgin olive oil every year; the indication of land areas (shown in the food chain traceability programme) enables us to exclude, for example, the potentially more polluted or problematic areas. We have also set up a programme of incentives for The Italian Olive Growers who follow the best agronomic practices, because the quality of the product needs to be carefully tended to from the cultivation phase to harvest time.