Coppini Arte Olearia at Cibus Connect 2019

Coppini Arte Olearia a Cibus Connect 2019

CIBUS CONNECT – Pavilion 6 booth B049 – cooking station SC37

Parma is hosting Cibus Connect, an innovative fair dedicated to Italian food Export, boosting the traditional booth exhibition, a new space dedicated to food innovation, a theatre to host lectures on different topics related to food industry and most of all a cooking area for companies to organize their tasting events during the two days. We are joining the show on April 10 and 11 and we have prepared two spaces for our guests: our booth for b2b meetings where we’ll introduce our new gift box and new olives and ginger dressing, and our kitchen in partnership with Agugiaro & Figna that will host the two days event “Just Dough it: olive oil from dough to dressing” with Chef Andrea Nizzi  (Ristorante 12 monaci, Parma).



“Just Dough it: olive oil from dough to dressing”

CHEF Andrea Nizzi, Ristorante 12 monaci, Parma

@Cibus Connect  - PARMA 10, 11 April – SC 37

-          [From 10.00 to 17.30]

5 Stagioni organic flour focaccia  - dough prepared with Coppini Arte Olearia Organic and Vegan Extra Virgin Olive Oil – medium green fruity from Sicily

-          [From 11.00 to 14.00]

·         Focaccia & Robiola, Ricotta  and Olives & Garlic dressing cream

·         Focaccia & Robiola, Ricotta  and Olives & Lemon dressing cream

·         Crostone & deconstructed Bufala, olives and basil dressing and deconstructed Caponata Siciliana

·         Artichoke on toasted focaccia with mint leaves

·         Focaccia & Olives & Tangerine dressing mayonnaise

·         Focaccia & Caciotta cheese with mango mayonnaise.

·         Pappa al Pomodoro paired with a selection of our Extra Virgin olive oils and our Contemporary Pressure Dressings.

·         Olives and Red & green Chilli peppers dressing based shortbread, strawberry mousse,  pear cooked in syrup and mint leaves.




We are proud winners of FOOD innovation prize 2019 with our new gift box dedicated to the olive oil lovers.

Love is an olive tree- T.o.p. 10 Tasting Box  is a box that includes  ten different kinds of extra virgin olive oil and contemporary  pressure dressing, each one with the t.o.p.- traceability of the origin of the product certification.

This is a box made to play with oil and food pairings, made to be an elegant oil cruet to put on the dining table and inspire hosts for new food and oil pairings but also a nice tool for the kitchen to help imagination and creation, or simply adding an elegant touch even to the most simple dish.

The box includes  four extra virgin olive oils (Antico Orcio - intense fruity, De’ Coppini -medium fruity, Novolivo - light fruity and Gentiluomo Agricoltore - organic and vegan) and six contemporary  pressure dressings(Lemon, Tangerine, Garlic ,Red and Green Chili peppers, Rosemary  and Basil).