Green Factory

Opificio Verde Coppini Arte Olearia



A green 73,000 sq m surface, of which 11,000 sq m covered: this is the new headquarters of the Green Factory, an Environmental Management System compliant with regulation UNI EN ISO 14001:2015.  This facility is dedicated to bottling the products and to logistics, with storage capacity of 45,000 hectolitres, in nitrogen filled modified atmosphere. A long way from two small wooden crates mounted on the bicycle to a production site equipped with the latest technology. Along the years, respect for the environment has always been a steady point.

Showing a great civic sense, the company engages in improving its environmental performance. By reducing consumption of energy and natural resources, the company favours plants and technology producing lower level of pollution and higher energy efficiency. For the Coppini Family, sustainability is not just a word, it is an objective to pursue. The new Factory, is located in the Food Valley, near the Ente Fiere di Parma and it was built to support the European Union’s 20/20/20 project. Increasing by 20% the use of renewable energy sources, while reducing by 20% green gas emissions are the goals of the “20/20/20” strategic plan, and Coppini Arte Olearia is committed to reaching them.

Pre-fab panels, two overlapping different insulating materials with different thermal mass: by using clean energy and adopting these materials the company aims at being energy self-sufficient. An ambitious goal that, thanks to its enduring commitment, the company intends to fulfil even ahead of the pre-established deadline. A challenge that cannot stop nor intimidate the members of this group: the members of the Coppini Arte Olearia family.






The mission undertaken by the Coppini Family is to satisfy its customers and respect for the environment. An excellent extra virgin olive oil is not possible without continuous quality checks on production and a policy of reducing its impact on the environment.


The selection of highly qualified staff and management’s strong sense of responsibility ensure that the company is going to reach these objectives: 


  •  manufacturing products compliant with legal requirements on protection of the environment and health and safety standards 
  • maintaining products’ high quality levels
  • improving productivity

  • high quality of the raw material used.  


Therefore, Coppini Arte Olearia is committed to


  •  keeping under control and reducing the impact on the environment generated by the activity carried out 

  •  reducing waste by giving preference to recovery over disposal

  • lowering energy consumption by selecting lower polluting plants and higher energy efficiency technology

  • communicating to suppliers and customers the principles of environmental sustainability adopted. 



Our environmental policy is transparent and accessible to everyone who wants to know more about it. We are really proud of it.




Our production site is certified Kosher, IFS, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, UNI EN ISO 22005:2008, ORGANIC.